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(CEG) Constellation Energy Group Completes Aquisition of Wind Project

Constellation Energy Group Inc. (CEG) completed the acquisition of Criterion Wind Project in Western Maryland. The company acquired the wind project located in Garrett County, Maryland from Clipper Windpower Inc.

The 70-megawatt...

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(AVT) Avnet Incorporated – Expanding Into Smart Energy and Green Technology

Avnet, Inc. (AVT) recently announced it was merging in an all cash deal with Bell Microproducts as global growth returns to the technology sector. AVT trades at just 12.6x forward earnings.

Company Description


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(DYN) Dynegy Spends to Cut Emissions From Its Power Plants

Dynegy Inc. (DYN) recently reported that to date it has spent $600 million to cut emissions of pollutants at its power plants in Illinois. Dynegy expects total investment to be approximately $1 billion.

Work has been completed...

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(DOW) Dow Chemical is Going Green with Styrofoam

Dow Chemical (DOW) has concluded its two-year project to transform its line of energy-saving insulation and air sealing products to a more sustainable manufacturing technology in North America. The company expects the new technology...

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(ACI) Arch Coal Invests $3 Billion in ADA-ES Incorporated

Arch Coal Inc. (ACI) has announced plans to invest $3 billion in ADA-ES Inc. (ADES) to fund near-term growth opportunities. As the first step, Arch purchased 143,885...

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(SPWRA) SunPower Corporation to Build Solar Project

SunPower Corporation (SPWRA) announced that it will design and construct a 1-megawatt solar power system at the Yolo County Justice Center in Woodland, California.

Yolo County, which will own the system and associated renewable...

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(DPL) DPL Energy Resources Building Solar Facility

DPL Inc.’s (DPL) unregulated subsidiary, DPL Energy Resources, will build a 60 kilowatt (kW) solar array at the Mound Advanced Technology Center in Miamisburg, a former Department of Energy Weapons site. Along with the company’s...

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(AAPL) Four Stocks for Mobile Communications

Investors like to gravitate to investment themes because they are easy to understand, tend to last for longer than a few months, and can deliver solid returns. Longer-term investment themes could range from aging of the population, converting to clean...

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(FPL) FPL Group’s Seabrook Station Plant Outage Weighs on 2009 Earnings

FPL Group Inc. (FPL) announced that an extended outage at the company’s Seabrook Station nuclear power plant and a continuing poor wind resource are expected to reduce 2009 forecasted earnings by $0.17 to $0.21 per share. The company...

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