Contributor Posting Procedure

Note: If we process your content via RSS feed, most of the items in this post are taken care of automatically.

If you are unable to load your posts to us via our RSS feed processor, you may enter them manually. They will be saved in draft form for our staff to review and give final publishing on.

To ensure the quality reputation of StockBlogHub and your blog / publication, all content contributors are asked to post in the same format. Please follow these guidelines.

Title: Use an accurate, attention-getting title. Readers should be able to quickly and accurately tell what the post will be about. When we publish, we will “Tickerize the Post”  which will add tags for all company names and ticker symbols in the post. It will also pre-pend the ticker symbol for the first company to the post title to help with search engine discovery.

Example title for a post about Nuance Communications as it will appear published:

“(NUAN) – Seven of ten analysts up target price on Nuance this morning due to government contract”

Body: Stock Blog Hub uses a software feature to post the first paragraph of posts on our homepage. You should try to give a good introduction within the first paragraph to make readers want to click through to see your entire post. Paragraphs should have a line space (Enter / Return key) between them whether or not authors indent. Use the Ticker symbol in all capital letters, inside (parenthesis) in the body also.  Exchange is not necessary, just the ticker symbol. Do not use any punctiation in the ticker symbol. When a firm has A and B shares, etc., we will publish an alternative ticker from your submitted draft post. This is where our system finds the information necessary to properly categorize your post.

Here is an example post.

Very Important Instructions – This is where you get attribution and a hotlink back to your blog: In the bottom of the body of the post, you should post blog name as an HTML hot link. Please limit this to one line with no “advertising” speak. You may choose the “anchor text” of your choice for the link as long as the entire blog name and link remains on one line. We want you to benefit with some Search Engine Optimization. The actual link should link to the identical post on your blog to avoid duplicate content problems.

Example attribution link at the bottom of the post body:

Provided by William V. Stockpicker, Jr.
William’s Happy Daze Stock Blog << hotlink post link/.

If you wish, you could put a phone, fax, email, and a postal address in your profile. It will show up automatically at the foot of each post.

Graphics: If there is a chart or some other useful graphic that would enhance your post, please add it via the “Add Media” link above where the item is hosted. Our system does not use typical HTML tables well. Please use the table tag with brackets and post your headings and rows of comma separated data. Our system will create a table from that entry.

Example: The following entered as HTML in your post:Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 6.46.06 PMProduces the following table:

Ticker Stock Buy Sell
EBAY eBay $42 $63
BA Boeing $101 $145

Linking Back: As a courtesy to help the community, when posting on your blog, you can hotlink the ticker symbol(s) in the post to the ticker tag feed on StockBlogHub. Everyone benefits from the cross-traffic.

Categories: (Now handled by the “tickerize this post” selection button.) If the ticker symbol is in the body of your post, our system will automatically apply all necessary tags and categories. You may enter whatever other tags you feel are appropriate, except for tags specific to you or your blog. This is automatically done by the system when you post under your log-in.  Readers are able to click below a post and read all posts by you if they wish. These category labels allow readers to search for other posts tagged with the same categories simply by clicking on them. It also allows them to subscribe to the RSS feed of each of those categories. Therefore, to encourage further click-throughs back to your respective publication, providing your blog name as a category is not required. Note that this will also prevent readers from finding other posts by you on Stock Blog Hub if they elect to remain and not click through to your blog.

If your post substantially discusses more than one stock, place other ticker symbols in the body of the post within parenthesis and the system will apply appropriate labels. This will assist your readers in finding the post. Please do not include “ticker spam” if the article does not make useful analysis / comparison of other stocks.

All ticker symbols will be totally UPPER CASE so they are properly indexed on the RSS feeds. All other labels will be lower case with the first letter capitalized. Please be specific or your posts will not be returned on label searches.

We have a list of industries and sectors as well as a link to how to determine which apply to your post here:

An example set of category labels for one post would be:

Technology, Networking & Communication Devices

Tags: See above references on tags.  If your post is not properly tagged automatically, we will see this as we monitor posts.  We will adjust our ticker symbol database and tag the post.  Use tickers only within the body, not any exchange information.  Example CSCO, not CSCO.NAS, or any other ticker annotations such as those used when a company is late filing reports or has entered bankruptcy, etc.  Simply use the root ticker within parenthesis in the body.

Good luck with your posting.


This page subject to update at any time. Please check back often for updates.