We get a lot of emailed questions so we present our FAQ page where we can point visitors to find the important answers they need when we are not able to respond to each question.

How I do I post? You currently need to publish a financial newsletter have a financial blog or write financial commentary on your blog. Go here to this page and learn about our procedures to become a content contributor.

Who can contribute posts? You currently need to publish a financial newsletter have a financial blog or write financial commentary on your blog. Other media, researchers, etc. that produce financial / market content will be considered individually. Please go here to learn about applying to contribute.

Are my posts edited and by whom? Stock Blog Hub will never edit the your posts. We either approve posts to the main blog or disapprove them if they violate our standards. Therefore, contributors must follow our content guidelines and adhere to professional standards at all times. We hope that eventually contributors will develop trust with us through the quality of their regular contributions and will soon have their status upgraded so they may post live, directly to the blog.

Why would my posts be disapproved? If your posts contain profanity, hate speech, fraud or commentary that appears designed to manipulate the price of a stock, or commentary that appears purely commercial / advertising in nature. Management reserves the exclusive right to delete these posts. They may be deleted prior to initial posting or at any time thereafter in the sole discretion of management. As necessary to maintain the quality and integrity of StockBlogHub, management exclusively reserves the right to remove any posts without regard to any prior agreements or specific criteria announced anywhere else on this website.

How do I get my posts published on Stock Blog Hub? Follow our application procedures here. Initially authors will be allowed to load posts into the system for us to review for approval or disapproval. We will then approve, and post the posts. As mentioned above, over time contributors that establish a level of performance and trust may be granted authority to post directly to the blog.

What other benefits can I achieve by posting the StockBlogHub? While we are not experts, there is much literature available on the Internet about search engine optimization benefits caused by belonging to popular content communities and participating actively in them. You will receive more organic traffic for your site from the links and the indexing via ticker-symbols, sectors etc. Also we hope that very soon, the syndication of our content through previously discussed deals with large portals significantly accelerates traffic and advertising revenue to split with our partners.

What Blog Platform Do you Use? – We use WordPress to run StockBlogHub.

Can Stock Blog Hub link to my blog? – We’d love to link to every StockBlogHub reader’s blog but due to the large numbers it’s impossible.

Can you take a look at my blog and review it? – We’ll answer this one by simply saying it’s a question we get asked 10 or more times a day. If we responded with a yes we could spend quite a bit of time doing it and not do much else. Please don’t be offended when we say no (or even don’t get back to you with an answer) but we currently are not taking on this type of work (either in a paid or unpaid capacity), even ‘quick looks’ at blogs. Sorry but at this point it’s beyond what we can offer.

How do I keep track of Stock Blog Hub, you write so much? – A number of StockBlogHub readers make it their home page – but if you’re not quite that addicted and you don’t want to manually surf by each day you can follow every post of the site via our RSS Feeds.

Can I leave a link to my own blog in my comments?
– We allow them if the comment is relevant to the post or the discussion. If your comment is only a link, or says something like ‘nice post – here is my blog’ etc it will be treated as comment spam. StockBlogHub is the final judge of what is and isn’t spam. The best thing you can do is keep your comments helpful, engaging and on topic and you won’t have a problem.

Why Do you use ‘no follow’ tags?
– In an ideal world we wouldn’t. We don’t like them. But after dealing with comment spam and becoming increasingly frustrated by it, we use them. Sadly, a small group of manipulative people have caused this nuisance for the majority.

May I republish posts from StockBlogHub on my own Blog? – You may not republish full posts from StockBlogHub without our direct permission (and in most cases if permission is sought we will still say no). Feel free to quote anything from this blog (within reason – i.e. a paragraph or two is pretty normal) with a link to it as a source, but keep in mind that this is copyrighted material. We regularly find people who do republish my articles without acknowledgment of source and/or without permission and pursue them to remove it.

How can I help the network? You can put StockBlogHub’s link in your blog roll. You can write an honest review on your site about how you feel about us. Share your opinions in the same places that you normally would and allow people to find us based on those links. Contribute high-quality commentary and always remember the investor reading the posts first. If we put them first always in our thoughts, contributors and the entire StockBlogHub network will benefit.

Send us questions through our Contact Page. We might post it here for others to read.


This page subject to update at any time. Please check back often for updates.