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I am Shawn Meehan, the publisher of StockBlogHub. We would like you to participate in our new consolidated investing blog where 25% of our AdSense revenues are split among bloggers like you. You post directly to the blog without anyone altering your work. You keep control! We have an influential financial publisher waiting to do a major syndication deal with us similar to one they constructed in 2007 which earns them 100,000 unique visitors each day. This and other revenue-sharing traffic deals we are pursuing will provide significant traffic for your posts and exposure for your blog since each post has a hotlink to your site.

We addressed the concerns investing bloggers and newsletter publishers had with other site’s consolidated blog models by sharing revenues to reward your hard work with payment, traffic, exposure, and control of your content. Allow me to briefly introduce myself to you via this online video to give you a sense of who I am and why we should help each other make more information available to more investors.

I will summarize the video elaborating on why we feel posting to Stock Blog Hub benefits your blog. If you are ready to join and get started posting right away visit: to submit your blog and become one of our early contributing bloggers.

1) Revenue Sharing — All contributors earn 25% of our AdSense revenues split equally among them each month. More content means more actionable information available for syndication to help investors and generate traffic / revenues for all contributors. We are developing software to track contributors that provide more content to share a bonus portion of revenues.

2)Exponentially increased exposure and traffic — Our business development partners have already established an agreement with a top financial portal that sends 100,000 unique visitors daily to their investing site alone.They are waiting to do the same for us once we build our posts and traffic with you.The gathering of quality posts by many authors will also get our content indexed in major financial and news portals.This funnels targeted traffic to partner blogs and websites like yours.We will promote top posts with advertising to further increase exposure.

3) Brand protection / No content duplication problems — You are in good company. You get full credit for your content, hotlink back to your blog right inside the post, a bump in search engine optimization, and targeted traffic. The quality of your blog articles are your pitch. You’ll know the visitors referred by Stock Blog Hub are already interested in your unique style. We want you free from duplicate content concerns. As Google themselves explain, your exact articles syndicated here with a link back to the original article on your blog will prevent problems.

4) Thousands of other content contributors also love investing enough to produce an investing blog and we’re reviewing them all for inclusion in Stock Blog Hub. Fellow investing bloggers are investors themselves, just like you, which ensures a quality, experienced audience for your posts. We encourage contributors to cross-link to posts from other authors on Stock Blog Hub that they find useful. Many readers of other financial bloggers will become valuable consumers of your commentary.

5) Network with the financial community. Join the LinkedIn professional business networking community and link up with our founder’s network. See who you will be working with. We built a page with testimonials about our founder. Our connections could be useful to you. Join Linkedin yourself for free and send us an invitation to connect. After we accept, you can check our network to see who else you may know. Building these connections can create opportunities in the future.

6) Imagine the possibilities – What if you were to try something new and review then write brief report about an under-covered stock. You will enhance your analytical abilities, create more traffic and revenues, but most importantly, provide valuable and actionable insight to investors. More content means we all share traffic and revenues. All traffic benefits all – spread the word, link from your posts to a search result page on Stock Blog Hub to quickly lead investors to even more actionable information. Write a weekly summary on your blog of the posts you most like/dislike on Stock Blog Hub then link to them here. We will have more content for you to agree or disagree with to better serve your readers. Share this page with other financial bloggers / readers you feel might be interested in our community.

There are over two million web directory pages providing links to investing resources. We will contact each, personally, respectfully, one at a time, to review us. The people managing these pages are also investors and are interested in reading your posts. We are taking a hands-on, slow, methodical approach to creating awareness of, and traffic to, Stock Blog Hub.

We want you to tell us what financial bloggers and their readers are looking for. Together we can help provide quality information to investors and benefit us all.  We are adding the ability to process your RSS feed automatically.

Stock Blog Hub readers will become regular readers of member bloggers / publishers they feel offer a valuable experience. They will become regular readers of publications and services (like yours) that they form a relationship with. We understand your brand and image are important, and we never forget that.

To begin, follow the guidance now to submit your blog and become one of our early contributing bloggers. Please get started by posting a few of your current blog posts. Within days, we’ll have contacted several thousand financial blogs like yours and the posts should start to flow.  Please feel free to send us any and all of your ideas, suggestions, and complaints.  We will read them all and respond where we are able.


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